📹 Symmetra PX 250KW – Các ưu điểm của UPS mô-đun hóa & dự phòng N+1


An 8 min video discussing APC’s modular UPS technology benefits, specifically the Symmetra PX 250KW UPS installed in the ATC.

In this video we explore APC’s Symmetra UPS technology. There are several benefits when using this modular and scalable UPS solution with models starting at small rack-mount 2Kva and scaling up to 1.6MW.

The first benefit is the ability to provide redundancy downstream to the IT equipment without installing multiple UPS’s. Typically (2) UPS’s are installed to power redundant power strips (PDU’s) in the data center racks. This 2N design does provide complete redundancy but also is more expensive, oversized, less efficient as well as consumes quite a bit of space of a N+1 solution.

The Symmetra UPS works much like a blade server in that the UPS has a chassis that accepts modular components like power and battery modules. If for example (3) power modules are required to power the IT load, (4) power modules would be installed providing N+1. The modular design also allows for a pay as you grow approach instead of purchasing all the UPS power up front and slowly growing into the UPS, which is a compounded problem when installing 2N or dual UPS’s.

Another great benefit is that the UPS modules are user replaceable and allow internal staff to add both power capacity and battery runtime without 3rd party personnel coming into the data center.

(Nguồn: World Wide Technology Inc)